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Do you feel tired, stressed or overstimulated? Do you want to feel more present and aware? Breathe4Flow was designed to help you develop healthier breathing patterns and cultivate a deeper relationship with the breath. We explore the power of conscious breathing so you can learn how to regulate your nervous system, reduce stress and cultivate more awareness in a safe, non-judgmental space.

When was the last time you thought about your breath?

Check-in with yourself now: Is your breath shallow or deep? Were you holding it? Do you breathe through your mouth or your nose?

Bringing awareness to the breath is the perfect place to start.

Backed by science

Research shows that our breath is directly correlated with how we feel. When you’re calm you often take slow, deep breaths. When you're upset, stressed, or afraid you take shorter, shallow breaths (or even hold your breath). Most people have dysfunctional breathing patterns that are unconscious.  Engaging in breathwork helps you bring more awareness to these patterns and take control of your own state of being. It can help you to be more present in your life and find yourself in flow more often. Learning how to use the diaphragm and nose to breathe with more awareness is life changing. Here are just a few of the many known benefits of proper breathing.

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    Lower stress and anxiety
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    Increase energy and boost the immune system
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    Sleep better and eliminate Asthma
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    Process and heal from trauma
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    Recover from substance abuse / addiction
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    Increase your attention and awareness


Breathe4Flow is designed for beginners and advanced practitioners alike.  The main focus is to help people develop a relationship with the breath, create healthy breathing patterns, and cultivate more breath awareness throughout their everyday lives.  Switching to nasal breathing in our daily lives with more awareness. Learning how to breathe more efficiently and effectively allows us to perform better, sleep better, regulate our nervous system, and be more present on a regular basis. Healthy breathing with awareness is the foundation of a more healthy and peaceful life.
Most people are over breathing and mouth breathing, and Ryan encourages people to learn how make the switch to nasal breathing with the diaphragm, breathe less and more efficiently. The Buteyko method and Pranayama are some of the foundations for Ryan's learning about the breath. Ryan is certified as an Oxygen Advantage instructor. He has learned from many teachers such as Stig Severinsen, Dan Brule', Wim Hof and Stanislav Grof but doesn't endorse or subscribe to any particular method or teachings. Ryan continues to learn and explore, while developing his own self practice and sharing elements of his journey along the way.    

Experience the power of the breath.
Transformational Breathing Sessions.
No Recording during sessions
One of the best ways to learn about the breath is to first experience and feel the power of the breath. The transformational breathing experiences allow the opportunity to explore the power of the breath in a safe and supportive setting. 
These transformational breathwork sessions use many components and styles that Ryan has learned over the years that stem from Pranayama. These are not Holotropic breathwork sessions, rebirthing, or somatic release experiences. Participants practice techniques that involve slowing down, breathing lighter, slower and deeper to help regulate the nervous system creating a calming effect with more stillness in the body and mind. Ryan chooses breathing techniques that he feels are most effective and beneficial. If you want to try meditation or practice mindfulness but don't know where to begin, these sessions can be very beneficial. Mindfulness, meditation are directly related to the breath.
Ryan offers attendees opportunities to explore some faster and deeper breathing for short periods of time if they feel comfortable, to feel the effects and changes in the body and mind. It's very rare to breathe in this way and should only be done during the session. We use the breath to consciously induce stress in small amounts, at your own pace, while having the freedom to always come back to center and use the breath to slow down and regulate and balance the nervous system.
No experience is necessary. I make sure everyone feels comfortable and reinforce the importance of trusting yourself.
This is a fully immersive experience with the breath and music, in a supportive setting, allowing you to take a journey within.  Rhythmic breathing with awareness moves energy in the body while tapping into the nervous system, creating an expanded state of consciousness. This can be an intense experience which creates undeniable changes in the body and mind, or it can be a gentle experience that helps you to be more calm an grounded. I encourage you to go as deep as you want, and trust yourself. Intuitive rhythmic breathing with the ability to relax and let go can facilitate the body's natural capacity to heal. The experience can bring deep insights and clarity. Transformational breathwork can sometimes allow for unresolved memories and emotions to rise to the surface so they can be processed with a new awareness. It’s like a reset for the nervous system. By the end of a practice, many people experience feelings of clarity and peace with a newfound sense of awareness. It can be very energizing and exhilarating while also leaving you feeling calm and grounded. Some experiences can be challenging and revealing.
Breathing practices can help with a wide range of things and have been shown to help people dealing with chronic pain, addiction, depression, anxiety and many other ailments. Back pain is common in our culture, and breathwork can be incredibly useful for healing back pain. These sessions have the potential to break patterns of addiction by healing trauma and balancing the nervous system.
  Integration is an important part of any transformational experience to allow for optimum outcomes. I have many options and opportunities to support your integration process.

Group Sessions: Explore The Power Of The Breath

Group sessions are an opportunity for you to engage in a breathing practice with others. The group sessions are all different. Some sessions are focussed on breath mechanics and techniques, while others are transformational breathwork experiences which are a journey and an opportunity for you to dive deep within yourself, which requires courage and vulnerability. The transformational experiences are unique and different from other sessions, where I create a safe environment for you to feel free to let go and surrender to get the most benefit. Music plays an important role for the practice, and I create a unique playlist for each session. The session starts with a brief discussion on breath awareness, transitions into the practice, and ends in meditation. Perfect setting for those with social anxiety. No video recording once the practice begins. These sessions can be very powerful experiences that can change your life.


1:1 Sessions:
Explore The Power Of Breath Sessions

1:1 sessions are custom made for you to fit your specific needs. In person and online sessions available. 1:1 session have helped individuals develop a daily breathing practice to support them with overall wellness, trouble sleeping, chronic anxiety, depression, PTSD, and lowering stress. People struggling with addiction or who are in recovery find great benefit from breathwork. These sessions can be done online or in person and start with an intake form, then a one-on-one conversation so you can share what you’re going through and what your goals are. Then Ryan leads you through a transformational breathing practice with music or creates a custom breathwork practice for the specific individual.
Audio recordings of the sessions can be made available so you can have it for your own home practice. Integration is an important part of the process to allow for optimum results. Cold plunge and Sauna available on request.


Private Group Breath Sessions

Bring your friends, family, or team together for a breathwork session. This is a great addition to your meeting, conference, or event. These sessions are custom designed for your group. I have shared these sessions with artists, musicians, athletes, sports teams and corporate events. I'm based in Phoenix Arizona but am able to travel to share these experiences.

Cold plunge available on request.


Integration Coaching

Online and in person sessions available. Ryan is certified in transformational and psychedelic integration coaching with a deep understanding of trauma and how it relates to mental and physical health. Integration is the most important component of any transformational experience including breathwork, or any experience involving non-ordinary states of consciousness. These experiences can be challenging and profound, which requires a healthy integration process to get the most benefit. There is a growing interest in psychedelic medicines and other transformational experiences which require preparation and integration. Ryan has been immersed in learning about this field of interest since 2010 and has had many incredible mentors and teachers, while continuing to educate himself.  Ryan has a team of  coaches and resources to choose from.


Group Breath Classes: Pranayama

Group classes are an opportunity for you to engage in a breathing practice with others an learn different methods and techniques to develop healthy breathing patterns in your everyday life. Each class is different. No experience necessary.


1:1 Breath Classes: Pranayama
In person an online.

Individual sessions are an opportunity to learn different methods and techniques to develop healthy breathing patterns in your everyday life. I create unique program to fit your specific needs. No experience necessary.


Group integration sessions

Group integration sessions are opportunities for people to process their experiences in a supportive environment. Most sessions begin with a grounding breath practice followed by a sharing circle. We practice non-judgement and listening with an open heart. There is no pressure or obligation to speak. Everyone has the opportunity to listen and hold space for others. Some sessions offer different outlets for creativity and expression using art and music. Sharing circles have been some of the most profound experiences Ryan has had in his life.



I have attended a number of Breath-work sessions hosted by Ryan.  I found Ryan’s delivery, empathic coaching, and caring approach to all in attendance wonderful. I especially enjoy the beautiful atmosphere he creates in his backyard when weather permits.  The music playlist is wonderfully synchronized to each part of the practice.  Ryan continually prepares you for what’s next, lovingly encouraging you to go beyond what you believe might be possible with your breath.  Being in my late sixties and having done yoga and conscious breathing for decades, I so appreciate Ryan’s joyful approach to this practice and how truly beneficial it is for anyone willing to join him in this beautiful dance of breath.  Thank you, Ryan. The world needs more mentors like you

Jon Will

“Ryan is the most caring and compassionate person I have ever met. He creates a safe and sacred place for healing. With his constant support and gentle encouragement, he was able to help me dig deeper into my emotions. He is very knowledgeable in his breathwork and healing capabilities. I would highly recommend Ryan.


Playing sports my whole life I was always told to “breathe”  but nobody ever taught me how or the benefits of practicing breathwork. Ryan’s classes exposed me to the huge benefits that breath work can have on you mentally and physically. It helps to keep you mindful in your day to day life that we have the power to reset our body with a few short focused breaths. It’s hard to explain but it’s one of the best experiences I’ve had in my entire life and I’ve never felt more at peace.



Ryan has been a firefighter paramedic since 2005 and has seen firsthand the mental health crisis we are in and the effects that stress and trauma have on the mental and physical health of himself, his peers, and the people he serves in the community. This led him to seek to understand more about the nature of the problem and find the best ways to stay healthy and reduce suffering and imbalances in his own life, and in the lives of others. 

In 2011 Ryan had a back injury which became one of the best things that ever happened to him. He was fortunate to discover alternative paths to healing which led him to understand more about the mind-body connection. Yoga, meditation, plant medicines and developing a relationship with the breath have been some of the best elements of his journey of self-discovery and healing to create a more balanced and happy life.

Ryan has been exploring consciousness and building a relationship with the breath for many years now which led him to discover many great teachers. He practices a beginner's mindset as he continues learning and exploring further. Developing a relationship with the breath has helped him to regulate his nervous system in his everyday life and in high stress incidents, giving him a greater capacity to serve others. It’s been an amazing tool for his own mental and physical healing. Ryan believes that developing a relationship with the breath and creating better breathing patterns is the foundation of  a more happy and healthy life. Ryan created his own style and approach to sharing the power of the breath with others that he feels is most accessible and beneficial to people from all walks of life. 

Ryan is passionately curious and continues learning and exploring. He has a deep appreciation for the opportunity to be alive and knows that practicing a state of gratitude is one of the most important things we can do for a healthy life. He aims for balance and ways to minimize suffering in his own life and in the lives of others. Practicing breath awareness has allowed him to be more present and to have more autonomy.

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